Corporate Dispatch Morning Briefing and Newspaper Review

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Good morning,

These are the main stories in today’s morning briefing.

Malta Today says that Adrian Delia’s leadership of the Nationalist Party went unchallenged during a meeting of the party’s Executive Council on Saturday. Council president Mark Anthony Sammut, however, resigned as a consequence of the election results.

The Sunday Times quotes PN Leader Adrian Delia who says he does not intend to step down and will, instead, start preparing for the next general election. Delia told journalists that last week’s elections was about MEPs and local councils, not his leadership.

The Independent on Sunday covers the local council election results with the Labour Party winning 47 out of 68. The Nationalist Party won 19 councils, trailing the PL by over 47,000 votes in total.

The Sunday Times speaks to former PN Secretary General Louis Galea who said that the party needs to be ‘refounded’. He said that calm and patience is needed to start a process of rebuilding.

The Independent on Sunday reports that Jean Pierre Debono was co-opted to fill the parliamentary seat vacated by David Stellini. The PN Executive Council voted 42-40 in a choice between Debono and Gozo candidate Kevin Cutajar.

Illum says that several PN MPs said that Simon Busuttil was ready to resign after the party lost the 2014 MEP election by 33,000 votes. The paper says that the former Opposition Leader was persuaded to stay after the PN won the third seat.

Kulħadd says that PN MP Chris Said is planning to split the Opposition parliamentary group after the party co-opted Jean Pierre Debono to the seat resigned by David Stellini. The Gozitan MP said that people in Gozo are shocked and he is considering his next steps.

It-Torċa says that if the MEP election results were to be projected onto a general election turnout rate, the PL would have won by around 60,000 votes. Statistician Vincent Marmara told the paper that the party is attracting new voters while retaining its core.

Il-Mument leads with the co-option of Jean Pierre Debono to parliament on the Opposition side. The PN Executive Council chose between allocating the seat to the 7th and the 13th District in a secret vote.

Illum speaks to former Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi about the current situation in the PN. Gonzi said that the party needs to find an internal compromise to be able to focus its energies on ‘politics of susstance’.

It-Torċa says that Electoral Commissioner Victor Scerri was absent from the counting hall in Naxxar on the last day of vote-counting. The paper says that Scerri was nominated to the Constituional role by PN Leader Adrian Delia.

Kulħadd says that the PL registered a victory by its greatest margin in a hundred years. The paper says that the party elected 98 young councillors and continued to increase its majority in Gozo.

Malta Today publishes finding from a survey about the Gozo-Malta tunnel showing a 61 percent support for the proposed project. The paper says that respondents across all age groups, genders, and regions back the tunnel.

Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe said the army had a “sacred duty” to defend Chinese territory and that Beijing still sees Taiwan as part of its territory and that his country would not renounce the use of force over the reunification of Taiwan with the Chinese mainland. Continue Reading

Tunisian rights organisation FTDES revealed Tunisian authorities were refusing 75 migrants saved at sea from coming ashore. Continue Reading

At least 18 people were wounded in two car bomb explosions in Derna, Libya. The target of the attack was a military unit in Libya’s eastern coastal city. Continue Reading

After he backed Boris Johnson as the next British prime minister, US President Donald Trump said the UK should send Nigel Farage to Brussels to conduct Brexit talks with the EU. Continue Reading

British authorities intercepted eight vessels carrying some 74 migrants, including minors, across the English Channel on Saturday. French authorities reportedly caught two additional boats. Continue Reading

A bomb was found underneath a police officer’s car in Belfast in Northern Ireland. Continue Reading

A Brazilian police document says an unidentified woman has accused Neymar of raping her in Paris last month. Continue Reading

The Italian Higher Health Institute (ISS), said there were 864 measles cases in Italy in the first four months of the year. Continue Reading

The volcanic activity on Mount Etna has not abated, spitting molten lava high into the sky, though cloud cover through the weekend. Continue Reading

In the coming days author JK Rowling is to release four new Harry Potter eBooks offering fans the chance to “delve deeper into the rich history of magic”. Continue Reading

Tenants will be protected from unfair letting fees with most seeing tenancy deposits capped at 5 weeks’ rent, putting hard-earned cash back in their pockets, thanks to a new law which comes into force on the 1st June. Continue Reading

The German city of Hamburg wants to legalise taking food from garbage bins in an effort to reduce food waste. Continue Reading

As part of a number of celebrations to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of diplomatic relations between Malta and Spain, the Maltese-Spanish Chamber of Commerce is launching a new series of business meetings to promote better synergies between Maltese and Spanish businessmen and entrepreneurs. Continue Reading

Liverpool won the Champions League after beating Tottenham Hotspur 2 – 0 in the final in Madrid. Continue Reading


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