Labour Party wins the absolute majority of local councils – Gap is over 47,000 votes – Labour support is 58%

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The last day of counting of the Local elections vote confirmed that the Labour Party confirmed its position as the clear winners.

The Labour Party obtained the majority in 51councils (out of 68).

Illum reports that the Labour Party has a confirmed majority of 47,000 votes, after it secured the vote of 58% of those voting in the local elections.

The Labour Party has gained 150,514 votes. The Nationalist Party gained 103,398 votes. Independent candidates obtained 5,762 votes.

Labour elected 268 councillors, the Nationalist Party has 190 seats. 4 independent councillors were elected.

MaltaToday reports that most significantly, Labour took five significant localities away from the PN—Valletta, Siggiewi, Mosta, St Paul’s Bay and San Gwann—while it continued to make in-roads in Gozo as both Zebbug and Gharb were deadlocked. Munxar was the only locality, also in Gozo, that was taken back by the PN.


Speaking on One TV, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said Labour got 18% more votes than the Nationalist Party, or a 47,000 vote difference. This, he said, was a historic victory that consolidated the MEP results.


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