Merkel vows to address changes in the international corporate taxation landscape as business community criticise her coalition for not delivering on digitisation

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The international corporate taxation landscape has changed to Germany’s disadvantage recently, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday, adding that her ruling coalition would try to address this.

“We know that in the area of corporate taxation, things have changed very unfavourably for Germany in recent years,” Merkel told a business conference hosted by the BDI industry association.

“Competitive relations have recently changed very much to our disadvantage. So we will try, in the grand coalition, to achieve something here,” Merkel added.

Meanwhile Angela Merkel’s policies came under heavy criticism on Tuesday as her coalition government was accused of compromising the business sector.

Dieter Kempf, the president of the Federation of German industries (BDI), preceded the Chancellor’s address at Tuesday’s annual industry conference with a ringing rebuke. He said the coalition government had “gambled away” the trust businesses had in it by not delivering on digitization.

Via Euronews / DW

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